Monday, 11/06/23

What Constitutes a “Successful”


"Not reoffending is only one part of a successful re-entry."

--Frank Patka, The Returning Citizens Survival Guide

Celebrating success

Policymakers, practitioners, and researchers often use recidivism as the key measure of successful re-entry. However, there are significant differences in how recidivism is defined in various research efforts.

Recidivism can refer to arrest, reconviction, and or a return to prison either for a parole violation or a new crime conviction.

The time frame utilized is inconsistent as well. Most studies use three years as the benchmark, while others use five years and beyond.

Even with perfect standardization, recidivism rates don’t show the entire picture of a person’s re-entry.

The Returning Citizen’s Survival Guide explains that successful re-entry is not just about avoiding reoffending. It includes various aspects such as stable income, housing, access to resources, healthy relationships, hobbies, goals, and community integration.

Here’s the Changing Patterns definition of a successful re-entry (at least for now - we’re always evolving as we learn):

Completing the first year out with essential resources secured, and without committing any new crimes.

Thursday, 08/24/23

"The quality of your future is determined by what you personally commit to today."

--The Returning Citizens Survival Guide

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We all yearn for change in some aspect of our lives at one point or another. Whether it's breaking free from harmful habits, pursuing a long-held dream, or simply striving to become a better version of ourselves, change is a constant companion on our journey. But how do we make those changes stick? The answer lies in the power of...Keep Reading.

Monday, 08/21/23

"We are all implicated when we allow others to be mistreated."

--Bryan Stevenson

Silhouette of a Sad Woman

A new report by the Women's Justice Project (WJP) has brought to light a distressing reality that has long been hidden within the confines of Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) - Oregon's only women's prison. The report features stories of inmates incarcerated at CCCF, offering a stark glimpse into an environment marked by suffering, despair, and allegations of worsening conditions....Keep reading.

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