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Board Member

Robert Andrews

Robert Andrews has lived in Bend since 1999, when he began his medical practice. His specialty was physiatry, and his practice was at Desert Orthopedics with a focus on spinal problems.

For several years before medical school, he wandered the country rock climbing, surfing and working along the way (after earning a degree in art). His income came from landscaping, construction, demolition, commercial fishing, etc.

When he was finally ready to commit to something, Andrews laser focused on getting into med school, which was one of the best decisions he ever made. It was a big life shift, but he was ready. Therefore, he can loosely relate to people who truly want to take their future seriously and commit to a long and difficult journey.

For many years, Andrews has had an interest in helping people get reintegrated into society following incarceration. He serves as a resource for anyone who has an interest in a career in the health care world. He has also done training in mindfulness meditation, which he believes can be transformative. He offers some basic financial guidance as well. He has also taught rock climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking.