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Lewis Sperber

Lewis Sperber is an accomplished professional with a diverse and extensive background in the financial and business sectors.

With a remarkable career spanning several decades, he has demonstrated strong leadership, financial expertise, and a proven track record of success.

His journey encompasses various roles, each contributing to his comprehensive understanding of business operations, financial management, and legal intricacies.

Sperber has played a pivotal role as the owner of The Original Source and The Clark Collection, companies specializing in importing and wholesaling giftware. Under his leadership, these businesses have thrived in the competitive market, showcasing his strategic acumen and entrepreneurial spirit.

As the owner of Sperber Adams & Co, a securities brokerage firm based in Westport, CT, Sperber was at the helm of a successful venture in the finance industry. His role involved managing operations, overseeing investment activities, and fostering client relationships.

During his tenure as the Chief Financial Officer at Colin Hochstin Co., a prominent securities brokerage firm situated in New York City, Sperber held a position of great responsibility. His financial expertise and leadership contributed to the firm's growth and stability over the years.

Sperber served as the Chief Financial Officer of Gem State Airlines and later Golden Gate Airlines, a regional carrier that started in Coeur d’Alene, ID, and later relocated to Monterey, CA. His financial leadership played a crucial role in navigating the complex aviation industry and ensuring the financial health of the airlines.

Sperber' professional journey is a testament to his versatility, leadership, and mastery of various fields. His roles as an owner, CFO, and legal professional have equipped him with a well-rounded skill set that blends finance, business, and law. Sperber' consistent success across different sectors demonstrates his adaptability and unwavering commitment to excellence.