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Executive Director

Frank Patka IV

In 2010, Frank C. Patka IV faced a pivotal moment in his life when he, at the age of 26, was convicted of Robbery II. He was sentenced to 70 months in prison under Oregon's Measure 11 "one strike and you're out" mandatory sentencing act.

After spending the summer in solitary confinement, Frank got a new counselor who became his mentor. His counselor, Mr. Morrison, worked with him for almost 2 years before Frank earned his transfer to minimum prison. While at minimum, Frank was part of organizing and developing a grassroots movement to influence prosocial communication in both staff and prisoners.

Following Frank’s release from prison in November 2015, he began speaking about prison reform and reduction of recidivism. He intentionally directed energy into rebuilding relationships with his family and friends, fostering a supportive network to aid in his journey towards becoming a productive member of society.

In December 2017, with the help of strong community support, Frank founded Changing Patterns Inc. for the purpose of connecting returning citizens to employment opportunities, education, and community resources.

In February 2020, Changing Patterns launched its first mentorship program, only to be faced with its biggest challenge yet - a global pandemic. During the pandemic, Frank wrote The Returning Citizen’s Survival Guide. With the help of close friend, Ryan McCrone, the book was published and Changing Patterns resumed operations.

Frank is currently working with Changing Patterns to empower returning citizens to develop the behaviors and skills required to build character, self-reliance, and self-worth.

It all starts with making a personal commitment.